Agricultural Innovation Cluster

Project 17 is a Small-Business-Administration funded project to create a

 regional Advanced Agricultural Technology business cluster that will 

increase bottom-line profitability for the agricultural industry, create 

regional jobs and stimulate economic development. 

Project 17 dovetails the technology oozing over the hill from Silicon 

Valley and out of our many research institutions, like UCSC and the 

Naval Postgraduate School, with our powerful agricultural presence and 

tradition and build technology companies that emerge as the advanced 

agricultural technology center of the world.  Growers and shippers, 

agronomists, horticulturalists, mechanical engineers, water and energy 

conservations specialists, software developers, RFID specialists, and 

service providers -- Click here to go to the Project 17 website and find 

out how you can be a part of this exciting new regional innovation 


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