Tools for Collaborative Innovation


The Big Picture

When you create your cluster, you will have some idea of the the resources available in your region.  You will know what your major industries are, and you will know who some of your human and organizational supporters are.  But you won't necessarily know all the detail of every resource, so stick to the big picture.  Once you have established your cluster, either through political recognition or a funding source, that's when the work of really listening to your region comes in through . . .


Brainstorming -- Don't force an outcome.  Let ideas, needs and solutions come from within the cluster.  Your stakeholders understand better than anyone what the problems of your cluster are and how to find solutions that meet those needs.  They also know what their skills and talents are better than anyone.  You will need to hold brainstorming meetings with the people who will do the real work "where the rubber meets the road" to find out where you can actually take your cluster.  You will want to do some . . .

Team Building

During the brainstorming phase, you will learn who is interested in doing what to support your cluster by starting and taking responsibility for different projects.  People are happy to do a good deal of work pro bono, if they are doing something they love to do.  In the meantime, you or they will need to work on additional funding for the projects they want to complete.  Your cluster will grow organically, like a garden.

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