Regional Innovation Cluster Consulting

Welcome to Barich Alexander Consulting, a DBA of Barich 

Business Group, where we focus on helping you imagine, plan and 

build high-performing, innovative, economic, clusters for geographic, 

political and demographic regions across the U.S. and the Globe.  

Your cluster may be based on an industry, such as agriculture, among 

geographically close neighbors who need to solve common problems 

and meet common challenges such as cleaning up nitrates in water or 

adopting new technologies to cut costs and increase profitability.   Or 

your cluster might be among farmers and ranchers spread out across 

your political boundaries, but sharing the same needs for best practices 

that prevent and mitigate pollution or bring your industry's products to 

market.  Your cluster may be an economic region based on national, 

state or congressional political boundaries, and you are seeking ways to

 bring disparate groups together for common economic purpose.

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