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A definition of leadership from The Harvard Business Review


Some people are born with it; 

some have to learn it. 

Susan can help you find your leadership chops. So what is leadership?

• Leadership is giving away power and position to others. The more one can empower other people in the organization, the more powerful one becomes. 

• Leadership is helping others advance. Kind of like “casting your bread upon the water,” as Jesus admonished. Goodwill comes back to one ten fold.

• Leadership is hiring people who are smarter than I am in the areas I am not adept in order to ensure the company thrives.

When he was general manager of Enterprise Engine Company in Oakland, California, my late husband, Alan Barich, walked the cubicles every day and checked in with every employee in the office. Then he put booties over his shoes and went out onto the foundry floor to check in with every employee in the machine shop and the foundry. And people would have followed him into the jaws of hell. One of his fellow engineers at Enterprise once told me,”Alan might not know where we’re going, but damn it, he’ll stand up in front of us all and say,”We’re going this way! Follow me!”  

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As a regional leader in assisting the behemoth agricultural industry of Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties on California’s Central Coast, Susan helped sponsor and speaks at
THE FUTURE OF FOOD event in Santa Cruz in 2011.


On February 4, 2011, Susan was invited by the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey to particpate on a leadership panel titled
 “Imagine a Safer Community, moderated by Erick Liu. Other members of the panel included Monterey County Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Nancy Kotowski; CHDS Executive Director and NPS Computer Science Professor, Dr. Ted Lewis; CHDS Director Glen Woodbury, and Salinas Mayor Dennis Donohue.

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