Public Speaking

“When I was in high school I was just as scared as anyone else to speak in front of a crowd,” says Susan. "Then, in college, someone handed me a microphone and gave me a job as the chick singer in a rock n roll band. From then on, just give me a mic, and watch me go. And I can show you and your employees how to gain that same confidence behind the podium.

In November, 2019, a hydroponics, container-ag company sent Susan to Barcelona, Spain, to speak at the United Nations Smart Cities conference. Besides speaking, Susan represented the company in negotiations with members of the U.N.’s OiER (Organization for International Economic Relations) team.

In addition to being asked to speak at the UN Smart Cities Conference in Barcelona, Susan enjoys speaking to groups, small and large. As director of the Marina Technology Cluster, Susan spoke to chambers of commerce; MC'd major events like the Monterey Bay Regional Business Plan Competiton, which she established; and participated in panel discussions, such as the panel below for the Monterey Chamber of Commerce that included other regional leaders, entrpreneurs and politicians; and the panel of the Future of Food in Santa Cruz.


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